My quote as an Aromatherapist in ‘The Mirror’.

Aromatherapy oils

‘Best aroma diffusers to refresh your home and calm your senses.’ Article in The Mirror

I am delighted to be featured as a Clinical Aromatherapist in an article in The Mirror discussing my favourite aromatherapy oils.

Geraldine McCullagh, a registered Clinical Aromatherapist at Me-Time Therapies, says:

“When we breathe in a scent, it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system) and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised. The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories.

“People tend to like the fruity-floral aroma of bergamot, which can result in feeling relaxed and their spirits uplifted. Lavender reduces muscle tension and is regularly used to aid sleep. Geranium helps us to feel emotionally balanced and helps to reduce anxiety caused by stress and overwork. Citrus scents are associated with an uplifting mood… For example, orange is sometimes called ‘sunshine in a bottle’, due to making people feel joyful and positive. Frankincense can create a sense of peace, helping people have time to breathe and be still.”

You can see the full article (26th April 2020)  if you click on this link aroma diffusers to refresh your home and calm your senses

Sharing my knowledge an Aromatherapist

I offer 1-day Aromatherapy courses where you get the opportunity to smell and blend Aromatherapy Essential oils. I have been working as a Clinical Aromatherapist for 23 years and I share my knowledge of which Aromatherapy oils work best for e.g. headaches, muscular pain or anxiety.

The 1-day Aromatherapy course is run throughout the year so here is a link to the next course and more details about the Aromatherapy class – Aromatherapy Course: How to blend Essential oils


Aromatherapy scents article in House Beautiful

smelling Aromatherapy scents

Scents that will make you feel calm and less anxious, according to science.

Here is the part of the article where I am quoted on ‘how scents can affect our mood’.

Geraldine McCullagh, a registered Clinical Aromatherapist at Me-Time Therapies, commented: ‘When we breathe in a scent, it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system) and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised. The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories.

‘People tend to like the fruity-floral aroma of bergamot, which can result in feeling relaxed and their spirits uplifted. Lavender reduces muscle tension, and is regularly used to aid sleep. Geranium helps us to feel emotionally balanced and helps to reduce anxiety caused by stress and overwork.

‘Citrus scents are associated with an uplifting mood. For example, orange is sometimes called “sunshine in a bottle”, due to making people feel joyful and positive. Frankincense can create a sense of peace, helping people have time to breathe and be still.’

Geraldine says to stop anxiety from escalating, we can ‘train’ ourselves each time we feel anxious. ‘We can breathe in a smell and start to associate that smell with making us feel calm,’ she adds.

Full article 31st March 2020 –

Learn more about the benefits of Aromatherapy scents

I teach 1-day Aromatherapy courses throughout the year where you get to smell 15 different Aromatherapy Essential oils. I will also guide you in how to blend Aromatherapy oils and how to create blends for the scents that you love. You will make your own personalised Lip Balm, Bath Salts and Body lotion. This will give you the confidence to then create your own natural beauty products at home.

The maximum attending an Aromatherapy course is 6 people so that allows you to ask questions regarding which Aromatherapy oils would help with emotional, mental and physical health problems.

For more details of the 1-day Aromatherapy Blending course click on this link – Aromatherapy Course: How to blend Essential oils


Article in Happiful- Mindfulness & Aromatherapy to feel calm

calm - breath meditation

How scents can help root us to the present moment and help us feel calm

I am interviewed about how I blend Aromatherapy and Mindfulness together to help me feel calm. I also find this is the most popular meditation when I teach this to participants in my 8-week Mindfulness classes.

Here is the article – A short-cut to mindfulness

Meditation is the usual go-to mindfulness technique, and is highly recommended, but it can also be helpful to find quick ways to anchor yourself throughout the day for those moments when you can’t really drift off into a meditative state.

A tool that’s been helping me recently is so simple, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner – scent.

Why does scent help us feel calm?

The reason aromatherapy can be so powerful in helping us feel calm is because it triggers our limbic system, the part of the brain linked to emotions and memories. Speaking to Cosy Owl following their survey results, clinical aromatherapist Geraldine McCullagh expands on this.

“When we breathe in a scent such as an aromatherapy oil it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain  and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised.

“The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories. For example,  the smell of Lavender can trigger a memory of a summer holiday in France and associate that memory with feeling relaxed.”

Geraldine goes on to say that because of this link between scent and memory we can effectively train ourselves to associate a certain scent with feeling calm.

“The next time we are starting to feel anxious, we can smell the essential oil and our minds will associate the smell with feeling calm. It means that we can stop the anxiety from escalating.”

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with worry, find a scent you adore and breathe it in for a few long, slow breaths. Focus on the scent and being exactly where you are.

You can read the full article here – 3rd March 2020 in Mindfulness/

Here is a short meditation using Aromatherapy & Mindfulness to feel calm

For more information on the 8-week Mindfulness class, click on this link – Mindfulness Course for Beginners


Christmas Gift Vouchers– a gift experience

Christmas gift voucher experience

How about Christmas Gift Vouchers for a loved one who is creative or prefers something unique? I have a choice of gift voucher experiences available this Christmas.

Continue reading » “Christmas Gift Vouchers– a gift experience”


East Lothian Gift Card accepted by Me Time Therapies

East Lothian gift card

I can now accept the East Lothian Gift Card for

  • Therapies: Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage & Indian Head Massage
  • Mindfulness: 8-week Mindfulness for Beginners classes in Musselburgh
  • Therapy courses: Aromatherapy course, Hand Reflexology course, Indian Head Massage course & Make your own natural Skincare course
  • Products: Make your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit, Relaxing Massage/Reflexology Balm, Citrus Invigorating Massage/Reflexology Balm & Vegan Body Butter.

What is the East Lothian Gift Card?

The Gift Card is the perfect present for friends, family and colleagues. The  Gift Card is a MasterCard-based gift card which can be used across East Lothian.  The East Lothian Gift Card is accepted only at independently owned businesses throughout East Lothian. Me Time Therapies can found  inthe Health and Beauty category (Where to Spend heading)

The card works in the same way as department store /shopping centre gift cards but for the whole county of East Lothian. East Lothian is the first county in Scotland to launch a dedicated gift card.

Read more about the East Lothian Gift Card »
(look for Me-Time Therapies under the Heading ‘Health & Beauty’)

How to use the Gift Card?

Presently, you will need to be present to use the Gift Card as it is swiped through a card reader. You are unable to purchase therapy courses or products online but that may change in the near future. You can pay full or part payment for the therapies, courses or products.


Glasgow Herald feature ‘Pamper yourself with these wonderful beauty products’

Glasgow Herald -amper yourself with these wonderful beauty products

The Glasgow Herald online has featured Me-Time Therapies as one of the five Scottish based skincare companies. The ‘Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm’ kit is included as a 100% natural beauty product.

The ‘Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm’ kit is a wonderful starter kit in learning to make your own 100% natural skincare. The ingredients are 100% natural so that they are kind to your skin. By making your own skincare, you are also being kind to the environment as you are cutting down on single-use plastic beauty products. This also leads to saving money.

As I stated in the Glasgow Herald feature, the kit is proving popular with:

  • Eco-conscious – they are cutting down on plastic waste by making their own natural skincare. They can also re-use the jars, bottles & box.
  • People with sensitive skin – they are making fragrance free Body Butters & Lip balms and which are also free from toxic chemicals.
  • Vegans – they are making their own Lip Balms without using Beeswax.

The Lip Balms and the Body Butters are easy to make. Recipe cards and video tutorials are included with step by step instructions. Options are also provided if you wish to fragrance your Lip Balms and Body Butters with Aromatherapy oils.

Amazon review: This little kit came with lovely ingredients and clear instructions. The body butter we made has worked really well, leaving us moisturised. It’s all natural stuff, so great for our sensitive skins and it’s eco-friendly. Best of all, now we know how to do it, we can continue to make our own toiletries and experiment with different oils etc. This part of being eco-friendly is very easy!

10% of the profits of the ‘Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit’ go towards buying more medical equipment and beds in a Medical Centre in Ghana.

This kit allows you to make their own natural Lip Balms and Body Butters in your own kitchen hence the Motto ‘Created By Me, Made By You’.

The Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit can be purchased and shipped by Amazon. The cost is £20 plus free delivery from Amazon.


East Lothian entrepreneurs

East Lothian female business owner

I was delighted to be invited by East Lothian Business Gateway to be on the panel of East Lothian entrepreneurs. At the “Talking Business” event, we shared the good and also the challenges of running your own business with the audience. Members of the audiences also got the opportunity to ask questions on our experiences as East Lothian businesses.


Create your own skincare

Create your own skincare

Create your own skincare is proving popular as consumers are trying to ditch using so many plastic bottles and jars. We can start reducing our plastic waste by making your own natural skincare course. The other added benefit is that you know what ingredients go into the skincare products. There is also no need to add any harsh chemicals or preservatives which is kinder to your skin.

Create your own skincare Podcast

I featured in this podcast where I spoke about how to create your own natural skincare can lead to a more toxic-free lifestyle. -Episode 16 Essential Oils, Homemade Skincare and Tips to lead a more Toxic Free and Fertility Friendly Life – (from 21mins into the podcast to 60mins)

Learn to make your own natural Aromatherapy Skincare

I am teaching a course on Saturday 22nd February 2020 where you will learn to make 6 skincare products. We will make

  • Intensive Hair Repair Conditioner
  • Anti-ageing Aromatherapy Face Night Cream
  • Aromatherapy Body Scrub
  • Aromatherapy Skin Repair Body Butter
  • Foot Bath Himalayan Salt and Seaweed Soak
  • Refreshing Foot Gel

After the class, you take home your own 6 personalised skincare products. You can create your own spa experience by pampering yourself with your own natural Aromatherapy products. It will inspire you to keep making your own eco-beauty skincare products.

Aromatherapy oils course
Selection of Aromatherapy Essential oils

More information about the Make Your Own Natural Skincare course

  • Cost:      £75 (includes all plant-based products, Aromatherapy oils and homemade nutritious lunch)  
  • Dates:    Saturday 22nd February 2020
  • Time:      10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Venue:    26 Eskview Road, Musselburgh EH21 6NZ

Limited to 6 spaces.

If you wish to e: mail me for more information, click on Contact

If you wish to book a space on the course, click on Make Skin Care Products Class: Sat 22nd Feb 2020

Credit card payments accepted.

If you wish to organise a 1-day Make your own Natural Skin Care Products, click on Contact. I can create a tailored course where you can enjoy the experience with your friends.


Natural Beauty Award-Vegan Body Butter

I am delighted to win a Natural Beauty Award – ‘Best Buy’ for my Vegan Body Butter. I love making and creating natural skin care products so ‘over the moon’ to win an ethical award for my Body Butter.

Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2019

My Vegan Body Butter will feature in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Bible 2019.

Green Parent Bible 2019

Vegan Body Butter

The main features of the Handmade Whipped Vegan Body Butter are

  • 100% natural ingredients – nut allergy-free (no Almond oil used), petrochemicals free, no mineral or no palm oils used to make the Vegan Body Butter.
  • Ideal Vegan Beauty gift as no beeswax or animal products are used to make the Vegan Body Butter or nor it is tested on animals.
  • Organic Shea Butter & Organic Cocoa Butter are blended with Sunflower oil & Olive oil so the Vegan Body Butter will melt in contact with the skin.
  • Suitable as a Body Moisturiser and as a Hand Cream as the handmade whipped Vegan Body Butter will deeply nourish and moisturise your skin especially dry or sun damaged or sore or rough skin.
  • NO Coconut oil used as the smell can be overpowering. NO Wheatgerm oil used so suitable for gluten intolerant/celiac people.

Reviews on Amazon for the Vegan Body Butter

My Vegan Body Butter is sold via Amazon. The price per 100g tin is £9.50. Free delivery for Amazon Prime Customers.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Lovely product. It’s a lovely product, delicately scented and well-packaged in its tin. It’s fairly solid, so needs a bit of working to soften it up before using it. At least it will last a long time! Thoroughly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Best Body Butter Buy.Fabulous product. Absorbs in a couple of minutes leaving skin feeling amazingly soft. Lovely smell too.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Great vegan moisturiser. Lovely product, deeply moisturising, pleasant scent.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Smells well nice & all natural. Smells well nice & all natural, not fake all natural but literally all natural. I was fed up of my coconut oil smell & wanted something that smelt nice.

Wish to Buy the award-winning Body Butter – click on the link here –


Mindfulness Training Completed

mindfulness training joyful

The Mindfulness Training class has come to an end. We spend some time reflecting on changes that the participants have observed since starting the 8-week class.

How has the 8-week Mindfulness course changed your life?

  • Feeling happier and calmer. Feeling less fearful about the future.
  • Noticing more sensations/feelings in my body when I start becoming anxious. I now pause and let the anxious thoughts pass by.
  • Enjoying my food by slowing down and recognising when I am feeling full.
  • Feeling less guilty when I take time out now for myself to sit to do a Meditation or go for a Mindful walk.
  • Walking slower when out with my dogs and taking in the beauty of nature.
  • Better sleep patterns. Focusing on my breath to get me to sleep and also if I awake in the night. No longer lie awake at 5am worrying about the day ahead.
  • I am being kinder to myself and more aware of the ‘tone of my voice’ when I make a mistake at work.
  • By completing 1 task at a time, I am getting more done at work and less flustered.

5-star reviews on the 8-week Mindfulness course.

Geraldine runs a well planned and interesting 8 weeks of Mindfulness. It gave me the most peaceful 2 hours in the week which passed very quickly. Geraldine explains everything really well and the course is supported with really good audios and notes. I can thoroughly recommend this course.
Lynne. East Lothian

Geraldine is a wonderful teacher! Taking part in her 8-week Mindfulness classes has taught me great deal about how to handle my emotions better and learn to be more mindful during the hectic stresses of everyday life. It has really helped to reduce my stress levels and think a little more when stressful situations do occur. She is compassionate, kind and easy to talk to. Geraldine’s classes are a wonderful escape during a chaotic week and I highly recommend to all who are struggling with stress and feel they need to re-charge and have some “Me-time”.

Geraldine’s Mindfulness classes focus not only on being mindful towards others but also towards yourself. One of her sessions focuses around being kind and loving to yourself, which can really resonate when you are the kind of person who does everything for those around you but can often forget that you sometimes need to put yourself first!

I also really enjoy how, unlike many online apps, this mindfulness class is interactive and allows you to go on a journey of mindfulness exploration and learning with others who you can share this experience with and in addition meet some lovely, like-minded people. Overall, a fantastic experience!
Bianca, Edinburgh.

Mindfulness Training Continuation

All participants are now invited to Mindfulness Retreat Days that I teach at the Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park throughout the year. Each Mindfulness Retreat Day has a different theme based around the Mindfulness Meditations learnt in the 8-week class. The last Mindfulness Retreat Day was based on Self- Compassion and Kindness. The Mindfulness Retreat Day allows participants to have a Wellness/Self-care Day, a day to rest and be peaceful.

The next Mindfulness Retreat Day is on Sunday 17th November. The participants joining the 8-week Mindfulness class for Beginners in September can attend.

5***** Google review on Mindfulness class and Mindfulness Retreat Day.

I got so much out of the 8-week mindfulness course with Geraldine, and have since attended a couple of her Mindfulness Retreat days. Would highly recommend the course, it gave access to really useful resources and guided meditations which I use to this day.
Claire. Edinburgh.

I attended the 8-week mindfulness course (twice). Due to personal circumstances I missed 3 of the first classes but as the remaining 5 had been so useful, I decided to attend a second course to get the full benefit Geraldine’s compassionate and gentle guidance makes the process incredibly easy to follow and the recordings of each meditation sent out after each class allow the student to practice the teachings. Geraldine also offers wellness days, where the mindful practice can be explored in more depth. I have found these relaxing, informative and very useful This course has enabled me to navigate my way through some difficult times recently and I find I use the practice every day in one way or another. If you are thinking of doing this class – stop thinking – just do it. You will never look back.
Fiona. East Lothian

Final Mindfulness Meditation as a group

We finish the Mindfulness class with a Meditation that I have created that incorporates what the participants have learnt during their Mindfulness training. I compare it to the ‘Show Dance’ On Strictly Come Dancing as the dancers create a dance around the steps they have learnt on their ‘Strictly journey’. So my final words to the group are ‘Keep Meditating’.