Mindfulness Training Completed

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The Mindfulness Training class has come to an end. We spend some time reflecting on changes that the participants have observed since starting the 8-week class.

How has the 8-week Mindfulness course changed your life?

  • Feeling happier and calmer. Feeling less fearful about the future.
  • Noticing more sensations/feelings in my body when I start becoming anxious. I now pause and let the anxious thoughts pass by.
  • Enjoying my food by slowing down and recognising when I am feeling full.
  • Feeling less guilty when I take time out now for myself to sit to do a Meditation or go for a Mindful walk.
  • Walking slower when out with my dogs and taking in the beauty of nature.
  • Better sleep patterns. Focusing on my breath to get me to sleep and also if I awake in the night. No longer lie awake at 5 am worrying about the day ahead.
  • I am being kinder to myself and more aware of the ‘tone of my voice’ when I make a mistake at work.
  • By completing 1 task at a time, I am getting more done at work and less flustered.

5-star reviews on the 8-week Mindfulness course.

Geraldine runs a well planned and interesting 8 weeks of Mindfulness. It gave me the most peaceful 2 hours in the week which passed very quickly. Geraldine explains everything really well and the course is supported with really good audios and notes. I can thoroughly recommend this course.
Lynne. East Lothian

Geraldine is a wonderful teacher! Taking part in her 8-week Mindfulness classes has taught me great deal about how to handle my emotions better and learn to be more mindful during the hectic stresses of everyday life. It has really helped to reduce my stress levels and think a little more when stressful situations do occur. She is compassionate, kind and easy to talk to. Geraldine’s classes are a wonderful escape during a chaotic week and I highly recommend to all who are struggling with stress and feel they need to re-charge and have some “Me-time”.

Geraldine’s Mindfulness classes focus not only on being mindful towards others but also towards yourself. One of her sessions focuses around being kind and loving to yourself, which can really resonate when you are the kind of person who does everything for those around you but can often forget that you sometimes need to put yourself first!

I also really enjoy how, unlike many online apps, this mindfulness class is interactive and allows you to go on a journey of mindfulness exploration and learning with others who you can share this experience with and in addition meet some lovely, like-minded people. Overall, a fantastic experience!
Bianca, Edinburgh.

Mindfulness Training Continuation

All participants are now invited to Mindfulness Retreat Days throughout the year. Each Mindfulness Retreat Day has a different theme based around the Mindfulness Meditations learned in the 8-week class. The last Mindfulness Retreat Day was based on Self- Compassion, and Kindness. The Mindfulness Retreat Day allows participants to have a Wellness/Self-care Day, a day to rest and be peaceful.

5***** Google review on Mindfulness class and Mindfulness Retreat Day.

I got so much out of the 8-week mindfulness course with Geraldine, and have since attended a couple of her Mindfulness Retreat days. Would highly recommend the course, it gave access to really useful resources and guided meditations which I use to this day.
Claire. Edinburgh.

I attended the 8-week mindfulness course (twice). Due to personal circumstances, I missed 3 of the first classes but as the remaining 5 had been so useful, I decided to attend a second course to get the full benefit Geraldine’s compassionate and gentle guidance makes the process incredibly easy to follow and the recordings of each meditation sent out after each class allows the student to practice the teachings. Geraldine also offers wellness days, where the mindful practice can be explored in more depth. I have found these relaxing, informative and very useful This course has enabled me to navigate my way through some difficult times recently and I find I use the practice every day in one way or another. If you are thinking of doing this class – stop thinking – just do it. You will never look back.
Fiona. East Lothian

Final Mindfulness Meditation as a group

We finish the Mindfulness class with a Meditation that I have created that incorporates what the participants have learned during their Mindfulness training. I compare it to the ‘Show Dance’ On Strictly Come Dancing as the dancers create a dance around the steps they have learned on their ‘Strictly journey’. So my final words to the group are ‘Keep Meditating’.

For the next 8-week Mindfulness course details and venue – click here – Mindfulness Course for Beginners



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