4-week Mindfulness Course for Beginners

Mindfulness-Based Living Course

Mindfulness is about helping people cope better with the stresses of everyday life. The world we live in today is busy, hectic, and often with little time to take a breath. My Mindfulness Course has been created with this in mind. I will share with you how you can easily implement Mindfulness into your busy life.

You will start feeling calmer and more at peace when you start implementing simple Mindfulness techniques into your life. By allowing yourself a few minutes to pause and do a 3-minute Breathing Space exercise can help you relax. It also allows you to reflect on the situation that might be causing you to feel anxious.

This is a beginner’s class so no requirement for you to have any previous Mindfulness Meditation experience. My classes are designed to create a safe space.  It is allowing you to explore and learn the benefits of Mindfulness in a nurturing and relaxed environment.

By being mindful in your daily life, you will become more aware when you notice yourself beginning to fret/become anxious. It might be about something that could happen in the future or something that has already happened.

Being Mindful during the day, allows you to enjoy and appreciate the present moment. At night time, you can use Mindfulness techniques to help you drift off to sleep. It is also beneficial if you awake in the night and struggle to get back to sleep. By having a restful sleep, you are feeling more energised and can deal better with the busyness of your life.

What are the benefits of doing Mindfulness Meditation in a group?

By allocating time for yourself one evening a week, you are allowing your body and mind to rest and restore. Coming to a regular class versus a Meditation App, you feel part of a community where you can share how your week has been. Attending a class at a set time each week gives you a peaceful space to learn Mindfulness Meditations and have ‘Me-Time.

By being part of a group, you can share your experiences of doing the Mindfulness Meditation practices. You can also share and hear how bringing Mindfulness into your daily life is beneficial e.g. being more aware of the seasons, the taste of your food, and the smells around you. By being part of a group, we can nurture and learn from each other.

What is the cost of the Mindfulness course?

The cost for the 4-week  Mindfulness Meditation class is £80. The cost includes audio Mindfulness Meditations. You also have my support via e:mail/phone calls/video calls throughout the 4-week course.  You will have access to the Mindfulness Meditations after the course so can re-visit the Meditations when you wish to in the future.

Where is the Mindfulness Course being held?

The course will be held at Fisherrow Community Centre, Musselburgh, East Lothian in a group setting.

Date: Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th September 2022 (6.45-8.45pm)

To book your space, you can click on this link for 4 week Mindfulness Meditation Class-Beginners


How has Mindfulness been beneficial to me?

I attended a talk focusing on Health & Wellbeing at Queen Margaret University. One of the talks was about Mindfulness and it resonated with me as I was in a period of grief. I was waking early in the morning and going back over the last few weeks of my mum being ill and dying. I realised that I was causing myself more suffering by ruminating on what happened rather than just being with the grief.

This started my journey into Mindfulness and could see how this was of great benefit to me. I  wanted to share the benefits and inspire others so trained as a Mindfulness Teacher with the Mindfulness Association. My life has transformed using Mindfulness. I am no longer anxious about what could happen in the future but instead let life events unfold rather than trying to predict the outcome. This also results in me having more energy as I am not wasting energy worrying and fretting. I would love to share the benefits of Mindfulness in Daily Life with you and for you then to see positive changes in your life.

Living in a Mindful way has also helped me to grow Me-Time Therapies over the past few years. To read more on how I achieved this, click on Mindful Living helped grow Me-Time Therapies


  • “The Mindfulness course has been an inspirational 8-week journey.  A journey I look forward to continuing for the rest of my life.Thanks to Geraldine’s ability to create a welcoming, safe and engaging place to learn.  She guided us through the natural development of our Mindfulness – supporting, assisting and providing super resources to help us. I quickly noticed a change in the way I thought and felt in situations. I appreciated life around me more and realised that the small changes can make a big difference.  Thank you.”

    Ms E.M. Edinburgh.

  • Google 5* review

    “I attended the 8 week mindfulness course (twice). Due to personal circumstances I missed 3 of the first classes but as the remaining 5 had been so useful, I decided to attend a second course to get the full benefit Geraldine’s compassionate and gentle guidance makes the process incredibly easy to follow and the recordings of each meditation sent out after each class allow the student to practice the teachings.
    Geraldine also offers Wellness days, where the Mindful practice can be explored in more depth. I have found these relaxing, informative and very useful. This course has enabled me to navigate my way through some difficult times recently and I find I use the practice every day in one way or another. If you are thinking of doing this class – stop thinking – just do it. You will never look back. ”

    F.Mackay. East Lothian