Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at Work Packages

Me-Time Therapies can offer a variety of bespoke Corporate Wellbeing talks and workshops to help your staff’s physical, mental and emotional health. Me-Time Therapies can deliver Wellbeing at Work Packages within the Edinburgh and Lothian area.

Welllbeing at Work Wellbeing at Work services available are:

  •  Mindfulness talks & Meditations for groups
  •  Self-care workshops which inc Aromatherapy, Hand Reflexology and short  Mindfulness Meditations for groups
  • Indian Head Massage treatments (20-30mins) for individuals

Mindfulness talks & Mindfulness Meditation

I can deliver Mindfulness talks and short meditations to staff members to help them to cope better with the stresses of everyday life. They will start feeling calmer and more at peace when they start implementing simple Mindfulness techniques into their life.

I can introduce them to short Mindfulness Meditations, Mindful Eating, and using their senses to be Mindful and Mindful Movement.

I can also discuss with the group about being Mindful at work. They will become more aware when they notice themselves beginning to fret or become anxious. It might be about something that could happen in the future or something that has already happened.

Group size – maximum 14.

Self-care Workshops

In a group setting, I can introduce staff to natural ways to incorporate Self-care easily into their busy life. By implementing easy Self-care techniques into their day, they can nurture themselves before anxiety or pain escalates or reach burnout.

I will share with the group how to use Aromatherapy oils to use to ward off colds, and help with stress and muscle pain. I will also share with them how to use Hand Reflexology and Mindfulness to help ease anxiety and stress.

Group size – maximum 14.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is popular with members of staff during ‘Wellbeing Being’ Weeks as they remain fully clothed and sit on a chair whilst receiving the massage.  As a result of massaging the head, neck & shoulders for 20-30 minutes, staff report back they are feeling calmer and tension has been released in their neck & shoulders.

The maximum of 20-minute appointments over a 5 hour period would be 12 employees.

A quiet small room with a chair is just required.

Interested in Wellbeing at Work Packages for your employees?

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