Mindfulness Meditation Class-Beginners

8-week Beginners Mindfulness Meditation class to help you implement Mindfulness easily into your daily life. This is a beginner’s class so no requirement for previous Mindfulness Meditation experience.

  • Date and Time:  8 Weeks, – Spring 2022
  • Location:   Fisherrow Community Centre, Musselburgh
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My intention of this 8-week Mindfulness Meditation class is to help you implement Mindfulness easily into your daily life to help you cope with this busy world we now live in. This is a beginner’s class so no requirement for you to have any previous Mindfulness Meditation experience. My Mindfulness classes are a safe and nurturing space for you to explore the benefits of Mindfulness.

By attending a Mindfulness Meditation class, you are allocating time for yourself, a breathing space for 2 hours on a Tuesday evening. By attending a class versus meditating with an App, you can experience the Meditation in real-time.  It gives you a peaceful space to learn Mindfulness Meditations. We explore different meditation each week.

More information

By being part of a group, you can share your experiences of doing the Mindfulness Meditation practices in the class and at home. You can also share and hear how bringing Mindfulness in daily life is beneficial e.g, the taste of our food, hearing a compliment or being more present in an exercise class. By being part of a group, we can nurture and learn from each other.

How has Mindfulness been beneficial to me?

I attended a talk focusing on Health at Queen Margaret University. One of the talks was about Mindfulness and it resonated with me as I was in a period of grief. I was waking early in the morning and going back over the last few weeks of my mum being ill and dying. I realised that I was causing myself more suffering by ruminating on what happened rather than just be with the grief.

This started my journey into Mindfulness and could see how this was of great benefit to me and I then wanted to share the benefits and inspire others so trained as a Mindfulness Teacher with the Mindfulness Association. My life has transformed using Mindfulness, I am no longer anxious about what could happen in the future but instead let life events unfold rather than try to control the outcome. This also results in me having more energy as I am not wasting energy worrying and fretting. I would love to share the benefits of Mindfulness in Daily Life with you and for you then to see positive changes in your life.


  • Mindfulness Meditation class Google 5***** Reviews

    Geraldine is a wonderful teacher! Taking part in her 8-week Mindfulness classes has taught me great deal about how to handle my emotions better and learn to be more mindful during the hectic stresses of everyday life. It has really helped to reduce my stress levels and think a little more when stressful situations do occur. She is compassionate, kind and easy to talk to. Geraldine’s classes are a wonderful escape during a chaotic week. I highly recommend to all who are struggling with stress and feel they need to re-charge and have some “Me-time”. Geraldine’s Mindfulness classes focus not only on being mindful towards others but also towards yourself. One of her sessions focuses around being kind and loving to yourself which can really resonate when you are the kind of person who does everything for those around you but can often forget that you sometimes need to put yourself first! I also really enjoy how, unlike many online apps, this Mindfulness class is interactive and allows you to go on a journey of mindfulness exploration and learning with others who you can share this experience with and in addition meet some lovely, like-minded people. Overall, a fantastic experience!

    Bianca, Edinburgh.


  • Geraldine runs a well planned and interesting 8 weeks of Mindfulness. It gave me the most peaceful 2hours in the week which passed very quickly. Geraldine explains everything really well and the course is supported with really good audios and notes. I can thoroughly recommend this course.

    Lynne google review 26th June 2019

  • I got so much out of the 8 week mindfulness course with Geraldine, and have since attended a couple of her mindfulness retreat days. Would highly recommend the course, it gave access to really useful resources and guided meditations which I use to this day.

    Claire, Edinburgh Google 5*****review