Breath Meditation & Mindful Movement/Walking-Week 4

mindful WALKING

Breath Meditation

This week, I introduce the group to Breath Meditation i.e. using the ‘feeling of their breath’ coming and going in their body. The participants bring their awareness to the ‘feeling of their breath’ when the notice they get lost into distraction. I also ask them to notice where their mind goes when they become aware of being distracted. They can label ‘past’ ‘daydreaming’ or ‘future’ and they can start to see the habits of their own minds.

An important message is that we are ‘being Mindful’ when we notice we get lost into distraction. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up when our minds drift off during a Mindfulness Meditation. The ‘noticing’ is an important aspect of our Mindfulness Training. The participants are also starting to be aware of how they respond to themselves when they notice they are distracted i.e. in a kind voice or harsh voice. They can also bring this in their daily life and also at work when they get distracted.

Feedback from 20-Minute Breathing Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindfulness Meditations are fantastic and they are allowing me to break the habit of my wandering thinking. Geraldine has taught me how to use my breathing to help to bring me back to the present moment. I am noticing that my mind has a tendency to become distracted by future problems. This is teaching me to recognise my habitual patterns about trying to predict future outcomes. After participating in the Breathing meditations, I experienced myself feeling less stressed and more positive.

Being halfway through the course, I am noticing a significant change in the way I think and I definitely feel more mindful. This allows me to feel more relaxed in my day to day living.

Over the course of these 4 weeks, I have really enjoyed being a part of a group. I like how we are supporting and encouraging each other. We are also sharing our experiences our Mindfulness Meditation practice at home and also being Mindful in our daily life.

Mindful Movement and Mindful Walking

As an alternative to a Body Scan, we can do Mindful Movement or go for a Mindful walk. This is also helping us to connect with ourselves and checking in on how are bodies are feeling.

breath meditation - mindful walkWhen we go for a Mindful walk, we can intentionally slow down and become aware of our surroundings. It feels good to stop and smell the flowers. This photo is of me smelling Orange Blossom in Seville. We can use our Mindfulness practices even on holiday.


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