Learn Mindfulness in Musselburgh

mindfulness meditation class

By attending an 8-week Mindfulness class, you will learn Mindfulness Meditations. This will include meditations such as the Body Scan, 3-minute Breathing Space and a Breath Meditation. It is advised to listen to the audios at home to become familiar with the meditations. By practising Mindfulness you will become calmer, more focused and happier in your daily life.

​​​​​​Why Learn Mindfulness in a group?

By allocating time for yourself, 2 hours on a Tuesday evening, you are allowing your body and mind to rest and restore itself. By attending a class versus meditating with an App, you will won’t have the distraction of phones or interruptions. It gives you a peaceful space to listen to the Mindfulness Meditations. It also allows you to feel the benefits of the different Meditations as we explore them each week.

Mindfulness Meditation is giving you space to become more aware when you are present or when our mind drifts off. I will guide the Mediations so you can focus on my voice, therefore, giving less attention to the inner chatter of your mind.

By being part of a group, you can share your experiences of doing the Mindfulness Meditation practices at home during the week. You can also share and hear how bringing Mindfulness into your daily life is beneficial e.g. being more aware of the seasons, the taste of your food, less anxious driving to/from work. By being part of a group, we can nurture and learn from each other.

Where is the Mindfulness Class being held?

The Mindfulness Class is being held at the Wishing Tree, 85 High Street, Musselburgh, East Lothian. The Meditation class takes place upstairs in a peaceful, comfortable room. The Soft Play area is closed in the evenings so the room will be quiet and no interruptions to practice Meditations. There is ample free street parking in the evenings.

learn mindfulness meditation

What is the cost of the Mindfulness Meditation class?

The cost for the 8-week Mindfulness Meditation class commencing on the 17th September will be £160. The cost includes audio Mindfulness Meditations and a manual.  You also have my support via e:mail/phone calls throughout the 8-week course. The Mindfulness course will run from Tuesday 17th September to Tuesday 12th November (7pm-9pm). There will be no class during the East Lothian Mid-term school break (15th October). If you need to miss a week, I can e:mail you the audio and notes for that week in advance. You will still have access to the Mindfulness Meditations after the course so can re-visit the Meditations when you wish to in the future.

To book your space, you can click on this link for        Mindfulness Meditation class – Tuesday evenings

By pausing throughout the day and doing a few minutes of Mindful Meditation such as the 3-Minute Breathing space will help you manage stress, stay more focused at work and also sleep better.