Arthritis Relief – Introducing the Comforting Massage Balm

Arthritis Relief : Comforting massage balm to ease stiffness in joints

After asking clients and followers on my social media channels, what new balm they would like me to create,  arthritis relief, and joint pain was a popular request.   I have created a new balm for arthritis relief and joint pain. Introducing the new Comforting Massage Balm (100g), your natural solution for targeted relief.

Here’s how the Comforting Massage Balm can help Arthritis Relief

  • Soothe Aches & Stiffness: Experience targeted relief in your hands, fingers, neck, knees, and feet. Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to increased comfort throughout the day.
  • Natural Relief with Essential Oils:  the gentle, anti-inflammatory blend of lemon, juniper berry, and grapefruit essential oils provides a refreshing scent while offering potential comfort for everyday aches.  There is no strong-smelling menthol scent,  just a pleasant and uplifting aroma.
  • Improved Mobility & Flexibility: This balm may help soothe joint stiffness and reduce swelling, potentially leading to improved mobility and a wider range of motion.

Reviews so far on the Comforting Massage Balm

Google review 5***** S.B.

I’ve tried Me-Time Therapies balms before and love the products so I was excited to try the new comforting balm. I was not disappointed. I’ve suffered from knee pain and joint pain in my hands for some time now but since using the comforting balm, my pain has considerably improved. I have found the results to be quite amazing and it feels lovely in your skin which is an added bonus. I’m closely keeping my eyes open for any new product from this company!

Google review 5 ***** J.T.

I’ve tried the new Comforting Massage balm for over a month now and it’s certainly easing my aches and pains. Took a few days to start seeing a difference but my osteoarthritis in my hands isn’t as painful and neither is my lower back. Think I’m just going to put it on my knees now too. It’s great that it doesn’t smell either so people don’t ask you if you are using deep heat as soon as you walk through the door. Worth the investment.

Google review 5 ***** E.W.

Me-time therapy balms are incredible. There is a new balm out called Comforting Balm. It’s a miracle balm. It soothes all types of pain and especially arthritis complaints. As a therapist (25yrs) my hands get very sore. Not now! Thank you Me-Time Therapies

How to Use  for Arthritis Relief:

For soothing comfort, gently massage the balm into affected joints twice daily.

Where can you buy the Me Time Comforting Massage Balm?

You can purchase the Comforting Massage balm on .  Cost £12.50 per 100g tin.