Aromatherapy scents article in House Beautiful

smelling Aromatherapy scents

Scents that will make you feel calm and less anxious, according to science.

Here is the part of the article where I am quoted on ‘how scents can affect our mood’.

Geraldine McCullagh, a registered Clinical Aromatherapist at Me-Time Therapies, commented: ‘When we breathe in a scent, it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system) and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised. The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories.

‘People tend to like the fruity-floral aroma of bergamot, which can result in feeling relaxed and their spirits uplifted. Lavender reduces muscle tension, and is regularly used to aid sleep. Geranium helps us to feel emotionally balanced and helps to reduce anxiety caused by stress and overwork.

‘Citrus scents are associated with an uplifting mood. For example, orange is sometimes called “sunshine in a bottle”, due to making people feel joyful and positive. Frankincense can create a sense of peace, helping people have time to breathe and be still.’

Geraldine says to stop anxiety from escalating, we can ‘train’ ourselves each time we feel anxious. ‘We can breathe in a smell and start to associate that smell with making us feel calm,’ she adds.

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