Self-Care Kit

The Self-Care kit contains

  • 50ml Orange Blossom  (Neroli) Water
  • 50g French Green Clay
  • 50g Whipped Vegan body butter
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth
  • Link to exclusive access to the Hand Reflexology video
  • Links to exclusive access to 2 Mindfulness Meditations

This kit is a perfect at-home gift experience for you or your family/friend who wishes to use 100% natural, eco-beauty, vegan-friendly products on their skin. The kit has been designed to create a calming and nourishing well-being experience at home. A perfect Well-being gift.

Made with Nature’s Goodness: 100% Natural, Vegan & Ethical

De-Stress & Recharge: Calming Self-Care, Wherever You Are

Self-Care Kit –    Created By Me.     Time for you.




Self-Care Kit

The Me-Time Self-Care Kit is a uniquely experiential gift, combining beautiful products with both physical therapy and mindful relaxation.  Either as a thoughtful gift or an affordable treat for yourself, it is the perfect excuse to create some well-deserved and rewarding Me-Time. The Self-Care box is a perfect at-home gift experience for you or your family/friend who wishes to use 100% natural, ethical, vegan-friendly products on their skin.

  • Unique Experience Gift: Gift the feeling of renewal with this multi-sensory self-care ritual body care kit. 
  • Rejuvenate Ritual: Facial – Pampering green clay mask, then removing the mask with the gentle exfoliating organic muslin cloth to leave the skin feeling smoother and brighter. Follow by spritzing the face with the refreshing Neroli face spray will help to refresh and revitalize your skin, while the scent can provide an additional mood boost
  • Rebalance Ritual: Hand Reflexology – calming and enjoyable experience by following along with the Hand Reflexology video and Hand Chart using the Uplifting scent of the Body Butter (Bergamot, Lemon & Grapefruit)
  • Relax Ritual: two Self-Care 10 minutes of Mindfulness meditation to soothe the mind and relax the body at home
  • Natural and Ethical Products: the kit contains 100% natural, ethical, and vegan-friendly products, making it a great gift for those with sensitive skin or who prefer eco-friendly choices.
  • Calming and Nourishing: The kit is designed to create a calming and nourishing experience, helping the recipient de-stress and recharge. It’s perfect for use at home or on a weekend getaway.

This is a perfect Vegan Self-Care gift. It has been designed to create Me Time at home. The kit won a Bronze Award in the Vegan Category in the Free From Skincare Gifts Awards 2022

The Self-Care Kit is designed to be used in  2 different ways:

  • The entirely natural products can be combined to create treatments for one full pamper session, or can be used individually, as a daily ritual throughout the week.  However you choose to use them, the kit offers three, nourishing, self-care rituals:

The nourishing Self-Care rituals are:

  • Rejuvenate:    Facial – French Green clay & Orange Blossom Water & Organic Muslin Face cloth.
  • Rebalance:  Hand Reflexology Treatment following a 15-minute Hand Reflexology video and Reflexology Hand Chart using the Vegan Body Butter.
  • Relax:    Listening to a 10-minute ‘Resting the Mind’ Mindfulness Meditation and/or 10 minutes ‘Body Scan’ Mindfulness Meditation.

The Self-Care Wellbeing gift kit contains:

  • 50ml Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water
  • 50g French Green Clay
  • 50g Whipped Vegan body butter
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth
  • A link to exclusive access to  a 15-minute Hand Reflexology video
  • Links to exclusive access to 2 Mindfulness Meditations

Definition of Self-Care:  Self-Care is gifting yourself the time to care for your own well-being: both body and mind.

Free From Skincare Awards Judging Panel review

Original and thoughtful set, very well presented, and very personal too. The videos/meditations are genuinely original extras. Terrific value. An ideal gift for someone who has perhaps had a tough time in 2022, in order to enjoy some personal self-care, self-love, and calm.

Christmas Gift Guide by The Little Life review

I am a huge lover of anything that can try and grab me precious minutes of ‘me time’ as those moments are few and far between these days. This kit is perfect for busy mums or if you have a busy lifestyle, because you can either use all the treatments in one go for a full pamper session or you can use the treatments individually for a few moments of you time spread out over the week.
As I rarely get longer than 30 minutes to myself I chose to try the treatments separately. First up I tried the rejuvenate facial – a French green clay face mask was applied and I relaxed. I then removed the face mask and applied the orange blossom water (which smells divine). The organic muslin face cloth is very soft, soothing for the skin and a product that can be used time and time again.
I then moved onto the rebalance element of the self-care kit, which was a 15 minute hand reflexology treatment. You follow a video tutorial and the hand chart whilst using the began body butter. I found this a really relaxing treatment and it was not too complicated for me to follow despite having zero experience with hand reflexology. I loved this treatment so much that it will be something I incorporate into my regular routine.
The last treatment in the self-care kit is a 10 minute resting the mind mindfulness mediation or the body scan mindfulness meditation. If you are feeling adventurous you can also do both. I use meditation quite a lot as a way to help my brain relax. I struggle to switch off and have found it to be a really useful technique for quietening my brain. Both of these meditations were well done and relaxing. Certainly meditations I will be coming back to time and time again.
This kit is an absolute bargain. Three great treatments to enable that special person in your life some ‘me time’. Definitely a kit I will be purchasing for family members as its a great little gift set and carving out that time for yourself is so important.


Amazon Review  ***** The perfect gift for you or someone else

In return for supporting me through my exams, I bought the Self-care kit for my mum and she loved it. The quality of the kit is amazing and my mum was impressed by all the natural, thoughtful contents. She is a real fan of genuine products and particularly enjoyed the mindfulness mediations included and also the reflexology chart. I don’t usually write reviews but she has asked me to write one, as she was very impressed by this product and wants to share this with others.

Amazon Review for Self-Care kit

Bought as a Christmas present. It is beautifully presented, I’ll be buying another one for myself to use during my last stages of pregnancy. It’s the perfect gift for my busy friend as they can choose to do 1 Self- care ritual a day or take time out to pamper themselves and do all 3 Self-care rituals.

Amazon Review   I bought this kit as a birthday gift, it was so well received. I would say this kit is high quality and great value for money. I would highly recommend in fact I am going to get one for myself to use as part of my own self care regime.

Amazon Review    I bought this as a thank you present and am really impressed with the beautiful packaging and prompt service. The contents looks so indulgent I may be getting one for myself!

Self-Care Kit –    Created By Me.     Time for you.