Handmade Vegan Body Butter

Main features

  • 100% natural ingredients – nut allergy-free, petrochemicals free, no lanolin, no mineral and no palm oils used.
  • Ideal Vegan Beauty gift as no beeswax or animal products are used,  nor it is tested on animals.
  • Suitable as a Body Moisturiser and as a Hand Cream
  • Can also be used for Beauty or Complementary Therapies e.g. Foot or Hand Massage or Indian head massage – to massage the neck & shoulders.

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Handmade Whipped Vegan Body Butter’s main features

  • 100% Natural ingredients create a nourishing Body Butter to moisturise the skin
  • Ethical and sustainable: No animal products like beeswax are used, making it a compassionate choice that aligns with vegan values. Plus, the aluminum jar is reusable and recyclable.
  • The natural Body Butter is fragranced with Bergamot, Lemon & Grapefruit Aromatherapy oils creating an uplifting and delightful scent. It evokes images of sunshine and a burst of energy.
  • The combination of Cocoa & Shea butter, olive oil and sunflower oil provides rich hydration that is ideal for dry or sun-damaged skin
  • Made with love, not chemicals- Petrochemicals free, no mineral or no palm oil added to the Vegan Body Butter. Also free of Almond oil & Coconut oil
  • Hand-crafted by a Clinical Aromatherapist. Handmade in Scotland in small batches to retain freshness


  • Avoid using it in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • For External use only.
  • The Aluminum jar is ethical as you can reuse or recycle the jar.

The handmade Vegan Body Butter is smooth and creamy when applied as a Body Moisturiser to the skin. Massage the Body Butter gently into the skin after a shower or a bath. The handmade Vegan Body Butter has been whipped so goes on the skin smoothly and without leaving an oily residue. After using the nourishing Vegan Body Butter for a few days, it will leave your skin silky smooth and soft.

Skin benefits of Shea butter & cocoa butter, olive oil & sunflower oil

  • Intensely Moisturising due to Vitamin A, D, and E content
  • Helps improve skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Sun damaged skin, Dry skin and Sore chapped skin
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks

As the Organic Shea Butter and the Organic Cocoa Butter are blended with Sunflower oil and Olive oil, the Body Butter will melt in contact with the skin. The Body Butter is thicker in consistency than a Body lotion (Body lotions contain water) so it will deeply moisturise the skin which is especially beneficial for dry or sun-damaged skin. As no water is used to make the Vegan Body Butters, there is no need to add any preservatives or emulsifiers. As the Vegan Body Butter contains Olive oil and Organic Cocoa Butter which are high in antioxidants, the shelf life of the Body Butter is 12 months.

How to use in beauty & complementary therapies

The Vegan Body Butter can also be used in Beauty or Complementary Therapies e.g. Foot or Hand Massage or Indian head massage – to massage neck & shoulders. Ideal to use if a client wishes to avoid products that contain beeswax or lanolin.

More information on the handmade vegan body butter

The handmade Vegan Body Butters are produced in small batches to retain freshness. The Vegan Body Butter contains NO Wheatgerm oil. Wheatgerm oil is not a safe product for celiacs and gluten-intolerant individuals. The Vegan Body Butter contains NO Coconut oil as the smell of Coconut oil can be overpowering.

Review on Amazon: This is such a great body butter to use for massage. I am a professional massage therapist and have been impressed by this little tub. It goes a long way and it goes on so nicely. The smell is good and the fact that it’s vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and all-natural is great for clients that need or want those things. Great product.

Review on Amazon:  I loved this product, especially as it had such few ingredients in it, and l knew what they were, pleasant change, love the fact it was in a tin, so no waste, it’s a lovely texture, lovely smell, l already brought another one.

Review on Amazon:  This is a really lovely vegan-friendly body butter with all-natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils and is also suitable for those with a nut allergy as it skips the almond oil found in many body butters, opting for primarily olive oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter instead for a really nice, nourishing butter that is easy to massage in and feels lovely. The scent is nice and fresh whilst being quite subtle and I like the fact it’s handmade and it comes in a nice solid little tin.

Review on Amazon:  This is excellent. I use it for my reflexology clients. Very smooth and smells good.