Geraldine McCullagh:  Founder of Me-Time Therapies

Driven by a passion for well-being and a desire to empower people to prioritise self-care,  I founded Me-Time Therapies in 1996. Leveraging my expertise as a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, I transitioned from a secure job to create a space dedicated to providing individuals with the essential “Me-Time” they deserve.

Geraldine McCullagh, entrepreneur

My passion for helping people has always been the core of Me-Time Therapies. To reach a wider audience throughout the UK and empower even more individuals to prioritize self-care, I’ve made an exciting shift (Summer 2023). I’m now focusing on offering a handmade product range designed to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Honoured as Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year 

I am proud to be recognised as the Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year at the prestigious Scottish Woman of the Year Awards 2023. These awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of professional women in Scotland, acknowledging their contributions to business, society, and the economy. This recognition is a testament to my dedication to empowering individuals through self-care and her commitment to creating high-quality products.


Eco products by Me-Time Therapies

My product range includes massage balms and gift kits.

The six products can be purchased on Me-Time Therapies Amazon Store
Amazon.co.uk – Me-Time Therapies Store

Made with Transparency and Sustainability in Mind:

  • Full Ingredient Transparency:  I proudly disclose all the natural ingredients used in our products, allowing you to make informed choices about your well-being.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to sustainability and ensuring every product is handmade, paraben/sulphate/gluten-free, and eco-friendly.

All three of my Massage balms get regular Amazon’s Choice Award badges. The Self Care kit won a Bronze Award in the Vegan Category in the Free From Skincare Gifts Awards 2022

I have also won ‘Best Buy’ in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards for my Vegan Body Butter.

More about Geraldine

Beyond my dedication to crafting self-care products,  ‘me-time’ for me is well-being through Yoga, Pilates, walking, and gardening. This commitment to holistic wellness extends to my community involvement, where I volunteer as a business mentor, demonstrating my compassion and desire to support others.

Geraldine McCullagh at Me-Time Therapies