How East Lothian Business Gateway helped Me-Time Therapies

East Lothian Business Gateway

I am featured in the latest East Lothian Business Buzz magazine – P15/16 –

Here is the extract from the East Lothian Business Buzz magazine – “A workshop on using social media for business led an established East Lothian business in an unexpected direction – with brilliant results! By attending a Business Gateway Facebook for Business workshop in September 2016, Geraldine McCullagh of Me-Time Therapies can now look back and see that this was the first stepping stone into diversifying her established therapy business. Geraldine had wrongly assumed that Business Gateway workshops were only open to and relevant to new businesses. But attending one workshop opened her eyes and she went on to take part in further workshops on social media and marketing – all relevant to her therapy business. As well as workshops, Geraldine successfully applied for a Digital Health Check and went on to receive support to build a new website. With the confidence Geraldine gained in creating her own website, she decided to create a product – Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit. With a prototype created, she attended her first Biz East Lothian Coffee Morning where she was introduced to Stephen Newlin, East Lothian Business Advisor.

Meeting at the Business Gateway office at Queen Margaret University, Stephen recommended Geraldine put in an application for Branding and Marketing Consultancy with the ERDF business support programme. This proved to be a major stepping stone into launching the Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit in October 2017.

The consultancy helped Geraldine create a new logo for Me-Time Therapies as well as a new design for the sleeve of the kit.

From the inception of the idea of creating the kit, Geraldine knew it belonged on Amazon and after some setbacks and frustrations, the kit was accepted by Amazon UK, two weeks before Christmas.







To her surprise, she had some sales which spurred her on. At the beginning of 2018, armed now with her new logo and beginning to understand how to sell products on Amazon Prime, Geraldine created three more handmade aromatherapy skincare products – Relaxing Massage Balm, Invigorating Massage Balm and a Vegan Body Butter. Throughout 2018, Geraldine established Me-Time Therapies products on Amazon and gained five-star reviews and repeat customers. Sales in December exceeded her expectations as all the products where popular as Christmas gifts.”

Geraldine said: “I am very grateful for all the assistance and encouragement that I’ve received from East Lothian Business Gateway. Now, having a successful product range, I feel it gives me a strong platform to continue running my own business in East Lothian. I’m also just about getting used to being called an entrepreneur’!”