Christmas gift ideas for her


The Self-Care kit is included in this year’s Christmas gift ideas

After a year of hard work and challenges, a relaxing spa day or self-care items can be just what she needs.

Gift her a spa gift certificate or create a DIY spa basket with scented candles, bath salts, luxurious bathrobes, and skincare products to help her unwind and rejuvenate.self-care-wellbeing-gift

You could buy the perfect Self-Care Kit from Me-Time. It is a uniquely experiential gift, which combines beautiful products with both physical therapy and mindful relaxation. It is the perfect excuse to create some well-deserved and rewarding Me-Time. With it being an award-winning Vegan product it would be the perfect gift for anyone who needs some self-care time.


Entrepreneur Geraldine McCullagh wins Scottish Women’s Awards prize

Entrepreneur Geraldine McCullagh

Entrepreneur Geraldine McCullagh wins Scottish Women’s Awards prize – Avril Campbell (East Lothian Courier)

A  Musselburgh entrepreneur was “delighted and totally shocked” to win a top accolade at The Scottish Women’s Awards 2023.

Geraldine McCullagh, a qualified clinical aromatherapist and founder of Me-Time Therapies, was named Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year.

The awards, which marked their fifth anniversary this year, celebrate female talent in Scotland, honouring the success and achievements of professional women, their businesses and organisations, whilst recognising their contribution to society and the wider economy.

The successful candidates are shortlisted from public nominations and the winners were announced at a gala dinner hosted by radio presenter Gina McKie in Glasgow’s Marriott Hotel last Saturday.

Geraldine, a passionate advocate for small businesses, faced stiff competition in the beauty entrepreneur category and was especially delighted that the accolade was awarded to her sole trader business, “proving that size is no obstacle to success”.

She said: “I am delighted to win such a prestigious award and also to share the evening with other talented Scottish professional females. This has given me a real boost and the encouragement to keep moving Me-Time Therapies forward with my natural aromatherapy product range.

“I am so proud of winning Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year and very grateful to The Scottish Women’s Awards for giving me this recognition.”

A spokesperson for The Scottish Women’s Awards 2023 said: “The Scottish Women’s Awards 2023 has showcased the extraordinary talents and achievements of these women, highlighting their significant contributions to society.

“These winners represent not only excellence in their respective fields but also the qualities of determination, resilience and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

“We would like to congratulate all winners and nominees for their amazing achievements and we hope their success stories will inspire others to reach for excellence.”




Scottish Women’s Awards: East Lothian businesswoman shortlisted

Musselburgh Entrepreneur

Embody summer edition featuring Me-Time Massage balms

Embody Magazine - Me Time Massage balms

Embody ( a magazine for CThA members (COMPLEMENTARY THERAPISTS ASSOCIATION) has featured Me-Time Massage balms in their Summer Saviours feature. (page 33)

The trio of Me-Time Massage balms are

Relaxing Massage Balm

Muscle Relaxing Massage Balm

Invigorating Massage Balm

The massage balms can be purchased on Me-Time Therapies Store on Amazon UK – Me-Time Therapies Store Amazon UK


East Lothian Courier: Entrepreneur enjoys invite to House of Lords

East Lothian Courier: Geraldine McCullagh at House of Lords business event

by Avril Campbell

East Lothian Courier wrote a feature about my visit to the House of Lords in June 2023.

Me Time Therapies at the House of Lords

A Musselburgh entrepreneur attended the House of Lords to mark the end of a programme to support the growth of small businesses.

The visit by Geraldine McCullagh, founder of Me-Time Therapies, followed her involvement with Small Business Britain’s Small & Mighty Programme.

Having won several awards for her products, which are sold on Amazon, Geraldine continues to make all her natural products by hand at her Denholm Avenue home. Offering a range of natural products that enhance relaxation and rejuvenation, including massage balms and gift kits, Me-Time Therapies is “committed to providing individuals with the ‘me-time’ they deserve”.

Geraldine discloses all the natural ingredients used with her products and, with a commitment to sustainability, almost all the products are vegan. Every product is handmade, chemical-free, gluten-free, skin and eco friendly, she said.

In addition to promoting the importance of self-care, Geraldine is a current mentor at Musselburgh’s Queen Margaret University, supporting students who are looking to start their own ventures.

Enrolment on the Small & Mighty programme has supported Geraldine and other small firms with ideas for business growth and their decision-making processes.

The end of the six-week programme was celebrated at the House of Lords in London.

Geraldine, a Musselburgh resident for the past 20 years, said: “As a qualified clinical aromatherapist and reflexologist for the past 27 years, I embedded my expertise into a unique range of handmade natural products six years ago to deliver self-care and support to as many people as possible.

“The help given throughout the programme has been amazing and to cap it all off with an invite to the House of Lords is incredible.

“I am proud to have been part of the Small & Mighty Programme, who all share the passion small business owners such as myself have for our local community and economy.”


Best Craft & hobby kits for adults Evening Standard Article

I am delighted that my Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit was included in the ‘Best Craft kits for Adults 2023’ feature in the Evening Standard.

They say that the devil makes work for idle hands, so keep yours engaged in a productive way – by making your own sustainable body butter. This kit will guide you in making the most heavenly fragrance-free cream to slather onto parched skin. Cruelty-free and vegan.

Make your own Body Butter &Lip Balm kit


Christmas Gift Guide review of my Self-Care kit

Christmas Gift Guide by The Little Life of T recommends my Self-Care kit. Here is their review of the Self-Care kit

Self-Care Kit by Me Time Therapies* – £25.00 (Available at Amazon & the Me Time Therapies Website):
I am a huge lover of anything that can try and grab me precious minutes of ‘me time’ as those moments are few and far between these days. This kit is perfect for busy mums or if you have a busy lifestyle, because you can either use all the treatments in one go for a full pamper session or you can use the treatments individually for a few moments of you time spread out over the week.
As I rarely get longer than 30 minutes to myself I chose to try the treatments separately. First up I tried the rejuvenate facial – a French green clay face mask was applied and I relaxed. I then removed the face mask and applied the orange blossom water (which smells divine). The organic muslin face cloth is very soft, soothing for the skin and a product that can be used time and time again.
I then moved onto the rebalance element of the self-care kit, which was a 15 minute hand reflexology treatment. You follow a video tutorial and the hand chart whilst using the began body butter. I found this a really relaxing treatment and it was not too complicated for me to follow despite having zero experience with hand reflexology. I loved this treatment so much that it will be something I incorporate into my regular routine.
The last treatment in the self-care kit is a 10 minute resting the mind mindfulness mediation or the body scan mindfulness meditation. If you are feeling adventurous you can also do both. I use meditation quite a lot as a way to help my brain relax. I struggle to switch off and have found it to be a really useful technique for quietening my brain. Both of these meditations were well done and relaxing. Certainly meditations I will be coming back to time and time again.
This kit is an absolute bargain. Three great treatments to enable that special person in your life some ‘me time’. Definitely a kit I will be purchasing for family members as its a great little gift set and carving out that time for yourself is so important.

Self-Care Wellbeing Kit wins an Award


The Self-Care Wellbeing kit has won a Bronze Award in the Vegan Category in the Free From Skincare Gift Awards 2022.

Feedback from the Judging panel

Original and thoughtful set, very well presented and very personal too. The video / meditations are genuinely original extras. Terrific value. An ideal gift for someone who has perhaps had a tough time in 2022, in order to enjoy some personal self-care, self-love and calm.

What is the Free From Skincare Award?

The Free From Skin Care Awards celebrates and encourage skincare manufacturers who create cosmetics that exclude some of the allergens, fragrances, and other ingredients sometimes associated with skin and health issues, ethical and environmental concerns, and which some consumers may need to or want to avoid, especially if looking for more ‘allergy friendly’ or natural cosmetics, and struggling to find suitable products.

More information about the Self-Care Kit

The Self-Care box is vegan and also designed to be eco-friendly.

It contains Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water, French Green Clay, Whipped Vegan body butter, Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth, a link to exclusive access to a Hand Reflexology video, and links to exclusive access to 2 Mindfulness Meditations.

The cost of the Vegan Self-Care kit is £20.00 and can be purchased on my Amazon store – Amazon store – Self-Care kit.   

Free delivery by Amazon UK.

How to use the Self-Care kit

The Self-Care set is designed to use in 2 different ways

Create your own spa pampering experience at home and doing all 3 Self-care nourishing rituals


Daily wellbeing: picking one of the Self-Care Rituals depending on your mood

The nourishing Self-Care rituals are

  • Rejuvenate:    Facial – French Green clay & Orange Blossom Water & Organic Muslin Face cloth.
  • Rebalance:  Hand Reflexology Treatment following a 15-minute Hand Reflexology video and Reflexology Hand Chart using the Vegan Body Butter.
  • Relax:Listening to a 10-minute ‘Resting the Mind’ Mindfulness Meditation and/or 10 minutes ‘Body Scan’ Mindfulness Meditation.

Self-care kit - hand reflex video

The Self-Care Wellbeing kit is a perfect at-home gift experience for you or your family/friend who wishes to use 100% natural, eco-beauty, vegan-friendly products on their skin. The kit has been designed to create a calming and nourishing well-being experience at home. A perfect Well-being Christmas gift.


Massage Balms v Massage oils

Massage balm

Why you should use Massage Balms instead of Massage oils for therapy?

Massage balms and oils are similar in that they are oil-based therefore they provide good glide in massage treatments and are nourishing to the skin. So why might Massage balms be better than Massage oils?

Advantages of using Massage balms

  • They are less messy

Unlike massage oil which is liquid and can spill easily; a Massage balm|wax is solid at room temperature but melts quickly into the skin. You don’t need to worry about a massage balm leaking in your bag or being knocked over and spilling on the floor. This also means fewer stains on towels. Although it is solid at room temperature, massage waxes warm up quickly, making them very easy to use.

  • They last longer

The viscosity of Massage balms makes it much easier for you to control how much balm you take. You can use them sparingly and easily take more when needed. A little goes a long way meaning one tin will last you a long time. On the other hand, massage oils can spill easily, wasting some of the carrier oil. You may also take too much massage oil, which then needs to be thrown away and is money wasted.

  • They provide more grip

Massage balms|waxes are made with beeswax meaning they have better friction in comparison to massage oils. Because the wax|balm is thicker than oil there is less slip and more grip. This means that Massage and Physiotherapy treatments can be controlled and the therapist can do deeper manipulation of the deep tissue and fascia. This is perfect for a variety of massages including Sports massage, Physiotherapy, and also Deep Tissue massage.

They also have the perfect consistency to use in Reflexology, Indian head massage, and Thai Foot Massage treatments.

  • Their packaging may be better for the environment

Massage balm|wax is solid at room temperature so it can be packaged in recyclable packaging such as tins. As they don’t require a pump or a plastic cap they also often need less packaging overall than oils.

Me Time Massage Balms are in aluminum tins that can be reused or recycled so therefore kinder to the environment.

Me-Time Massage|Reflexology Balms

You have a choice of 3 different Massage Balms|Waxes made by Me-Time Therapies

Relaxing Massage|Reflexology Balm

Muscle Relax Massage|Reflexology Balm

Invigorating Massage|Reflexology Balm

Me Time Massage balms
Me Time Massage Balms


If you are looking for the glide and nourishment of oil but want a little more grip, massage balms might be the perfect alternative for you.




5 Reasons to Make Your own Skincare

make your natural skincare products

Make your own skincare benefits

Make your own skincare may sound daunting but it isn’t as difficult as you might have thought and it comes with many benefits. With a bit of creativity and research, you can make almost anything you need. You don’t need to have any particular fancy skills or knowledge. There are plenty of easy-to-make recipes available online. Here are some of my favourite reasons to ditch store-bought skincare products and make your own skincare.

5 reasons to make your own skincare products


Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body so it is important to be mindful of what is in your skincare. Many people don’t want to use products that contain synthetic ingredients or undesirable and potentially harmful chemicals. When you buy a skincare product it can be hard to know what you are really putting on your skin. The ingredient list often contains things we don’t know how to pronounce let alone understand. It’s hard to trust products with a long list of unknown ingredients on the back.

When you make a sugar scrub with 3 ingredients, there is no question about the safety of the product, you know exactly what is in it. When making your own skincare you can make sure you are happy with the ingredients, understanding what they are and their benefits. Lots of natural ingredients also have magical benefits for the skin, so there is no need for anything extra. You can keep it natural, simple, and minimal.


Beauty is a multimillion-dollar industry. Luxury beauty products can cost up to £100. What you are really paying for is fancy branding and marketing, not the ingredients themselves. In reality, you can probably bulk buy all the ingredients you need for a fraction of the cost. You may even have some of the ingredients lying around your house.

The ingredients in store-bought skincare might not always be what they are cracked up to be. Did you know many skincare products contain 70 – 90 % water? This means you are mostly paying for a filler, not an active ingredient that will nourish your skin. When you make your own skincare you can create more concentrated and effective blends that maximise the ingredients and minimise the costs.


Making your own skincare means you can tailor and personalise the products to suit your needs. You know exactly what’s going into each product, which is essential if you have skin sensitivities or allergies. You can choose if you want no preservatives, fragrances, or colourings.

How many times have you bought a skincare product just to find out it doesn’t work for your skin? The beauty of making your own skincare is you can make a small tester batch first and alter it as needed. Personalize your products to suit you – your skin type, your ethics and values, the aromas you like, and the benefits you want to see.

The environment

By making your own skincare you can save on plastic waste and single-use packaging by reusing your packaging again and again. You can also pick whatever type of packaging you would prefer and avoid plastic altogether.

Being able to make products in small batches before committing to a formula can also help save on waste. If you buy a product that doesn’t work for your skin then the whole lot will most likely end up in the bin, but if you make your own you can try out different recipes until you find one you like. Choosing to use natural ingredients can also save the environment from harmful chemicals that go down the drain and into our waterways.

The percentage of water in skincare also affects its environmental footprint. Water adds weight and volume to store-bought products creating more carbon emissions when shipping. When you bulk buy ingredients less plastic is used and there is no added water.

It is more fun

Making your own skincare products gives you a chance to be innovative. If you love cooking or making crafts, DIY skincare projects might be an excellent new creative outlet. Making your own skincare can become addictive as you try out different recipes to find the ones that work best for your skin. You can even start making gifts for others. What’s more special than a gift that is handmade and personalised?

make your own natural skincare

Final thoughts for making your own natural skincare

DIY beauty and skincare products can be very rewarding for a variety of reasons. From having control over what goes in them, to customizing according to preferences, reducing waste, saving money and more. Why not start today?


It can feel empowering not having to rely on big businesses. A passion for making your own skincare can even transform into a business itself.