Aromatherapy scents article in House Beautiful

smelling Aromatherapy scents

Scents that will make you feel calm and less anxious, according to science.

Here is the part of the article where I am quoted on ‘how scents can affect our mood’.

Geraldine McCullagh, a registered Clinical Aromatherapist at Me-Time Therapies, commented: ‘When we breathe in a scent, it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system) and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised. The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories.

‘People tend to like the fruity-floral aroma of bergamot, which can result in feeling relaxed and their spirits uplifted. Lavender reduces muscle tension, and is regularly used to aid sleep. Geranium helps us to feel emotionally balanced and helps to reduce anxiety caused by stress and overwork.

‘Citrus scents are associated with an uplifting mood. For example, orange is sometimes called “sunshine in a bottle”, due to making people feel joyful and positive. Frankincense can create a sense of peace, helping people have time to breathe and be still.’

Geraldine says to stop anxiety from escalating, we can ‘train’ ourselves each time we feel anxious. ‘We can breathe in a smell and start to associate that smell with making us feel calm,’ she adds.

Full article 31st March 2020 –

Learn more about the benefits of Aromatherapy scents

I teach 1-day Aromatherapy courses throughout the year where you get to smell 15 different Aromatherapy Essential oils. I will also guide you in how to blend Aromatherapy oils and how to create blends for the scents that you love. You will make your own personalised Lip Balm, Bath Salts and Body lotion. This will give you the confidence to then create your own natural beauty products at home.

The maximum attending an Aromatherapy course is 6 people so that allows you to ask questions regarding which Aromatherapy oils would help with emotional, mental and physical health problems.

For more details of the 1-day Aromatherapy Blending course click on this link – Aromatherapy Course: How to blend Essential oils


Therapy Courses in Edinburgh. Lothians.

therapy courses

Spring 2019 Therapy Courses

Knowledge is for sharing. I enjoy learning and I then like to share this new information with others hence why I enjoy teaching Complementary Therapy courses. The classes are open to anyone wishing to spend an enjoyable day(s) learning a new skill.

For you to have an enjoyable learning experience, I

  • teach small groups so you get individual attention. Maximum on the course is 6.
  • teach the therapy courses from my home so a more relaxing environment to learn in.
  • provide a nutritious lunch for everyone so don’t have to make your own lunch in the morning.
  • provide detailed manuals and all products during the training days.
  • provide support via e:mail/phone after each course to answer any of your queries.

I have been a qualified tutor for 19 years and have an Advanced Certificate in Teaching. As well as teaching, I still work as a Holistic Therapist so can pass on up to date information on current health issues/trends.

Therapy Courses: Hand Reflexology (3rd Feb)

Hand Reflexology

The Hand Reflexology class is aimed at anyone who has an interest in Reflexology and would like more about the benefits of Reflexology. Not everyone likes receiving a Foot Reflexology treatment so Hand Reflexology treatment is an excellent alternative.

This is a practical workshop where you will give and receive Hand Reflexology treatments. I will teach you a step by step sequence of reflexes found in the hands. I will also demonstrate a Foot Reflexology treatment.

You can do Hand Reflexology on yourself as welling as showing clients, friends or family the Reflexology points. The next time you have a headache, you can work on the top of your thumb, to ease a headache away.

You will take away coloured Hand and Foot Charts along with a manual with a step to step guides in doing Hand Reflexology treatments.

To book a space, click on Hand Reflexology Course-Sun 3rd Feb

Therapy Courses: Indian Head Massage(23rd & 24th Feb)

Edinburgh Indian Head Massage course

If you are thinking about a career in massage, Indian Head Massage is an excellent introduction. It will help you decide if a Swedish Massage course is the way forward for you before investing £1500. There are no requirements to join the course; you don’t have to have any previous Massage experience or hold an Anatomy qualification.

Indian Head Massage has become a popular and effective holistic therapy treatment. It is popular as the client remains seated and fully clothed. There is low set up costs for you as don’t need to purchase a therapy couch.

In the 2-day Indian Head Massage Training, you practice the Indian Head Massage on fellow students. After the training, many students swap Indian Head Massage treatments with each other so they don’t need to pay any more for therapy.

To book a space, click on Edinburgh Indian Head Massage course. Sat 23rd and Sun 24th Feb

Therapy Courses: Aromatherapy(3rd March)aromatherapy course

If you would like to expand your Essential oil knowledge beyond Lavender Essential oil then this workshop is ideally suited to you. You get to smell 15 different Essential oils as I talk you through the physical, emotional and mental of each Essential oil. As a result of this, you will then know which Aromatherapy Essential oils to buy for you and your family.  I will then guide you how to blend Essential oils safely into Bath Salts, Body Lotion and a Lip Balm which you get to take home.

You will receive a booklet with easy to follow recipes for skin products, cooking and cleaning your home. As a result of attending this workshop, you will have the confidence to make personalised Aromatherapy gifts for friends and family.

You will also get to sample Peppermint coffee, Peppermint chocolates, Orange & Geranium Chocolates, Peppermint Chocolate Brownies and Lemon Sparkling Water.

To book a space, click on 1-day Aromatherapy Oils Course: Sun 3rd March 2019

Where are Me-Time Therapies Courses Based?

Me-Time Therapies is based in Musselburgh, East Lothian. Musselburgh is only a 20-minute drive from Edinburgh and also easy to find from the Edinburgh City Bypass. I am a short walk from Musselburgh Train Station. The train from Edinburgh Waverley takes 4-8 minutes. Lothian buses 30, 26 and 44 run from Edinburgh to Musselburgh regularly. There is free on-street parking so no extra car parking costs.