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Extract from Me Time Therapies Beauty Secrets  Article

I started out offering Complementary therapies and over the years have branched out into teaching short courses in Indian head massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. In the past 3 years, I have trained as a Mindfulness teacher and now offering 8-week Mindfulness classes. I have also created a natural skincare range over the past 3 years .

The natural skincare products are

· Vegan Body Butter

· Relaxing Massage Balm

· Invigorating Citrus Massage Balm

· Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit (Vegan)

Even though I have been in business for over 20 years, I only started to focus on my brand three years ago when I was creating my first product; Make your Own Body butter & Lip Balm kit.

By offering Wellness therapies, courses and products, my brand is about helping others and being of benefit to them by sharing my knowledge and skills.


1. An Epsom Salt bath with Neroli & Geranium Aromatherapy oils followed by lying on top of my bed with a cosy blanket and doing a Mindfulness Body Scan.

2. Getting out into nature either into my garden or a walk by the sea helps me calm down when I feel overwhelmed by my ‘To-Do List’.

3. I also use Hand Reflexology when I am feeling anxious by massaging the Diaphragm, Solar Plexus and Head reflexes. I can do this anywhere (travelling or at home) as my hands are easily accessible.


I am about to launch a Muscle Relax Massage Balm which is suitable for Body Massage, Indian head massage or for achy muscles post-exercise.

I teach a Self-Care Wellbeing Day and I am formulating a plan in how to create this as a Self-Care Kit to launch in October to sell as a Christmas gift.


1. Food – buying fresh ingredients, bulk buying nuts, pulses& rice and avoiding processed, over-packaged foods.

2. Organic gardening – having a compost bin and by avoiding pesticides it has encouraged bees & butterflies into my garden.

3. Making as many natural skincare products myself and buying natural skincare products that are free synthetic chemicals & preservatives.


Summer Scents That Remind Us Of Our Favourite Holiday Destinations Article

smell Aromatherapy

Summer Scents That Remind Us Of Our Favourite Holiday Destinations Article

Extract from

With many Brits unsure on whether to book a trip abroad to their favourite destination of choice, reminiscing on the scents abroad can be a comfort for many. Speaking with Clinical Aromatherapist Geraldine McCullagh of Me-Time-Therapies, the research also looked into how scent is linked to these types of holiday memories.

Geraldine commented:

“When we breathe in a scent such as a perfume or a food smell it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system). The limbic system associates smells with emotions and memories. Our ancestors would have used scents to associate with feeling safe or in danger. If they had previously smelt food that was going off but still ate it, they would have stored this memory of being sick. The next time they smelt a similar smell of food going rancid, they knew not to eat it. Scents were extremely important to them to keep them alive.

“Breathing in a certain smell can stir up instant memories of the past holidays. The best example of this is when we smell sunscreen at home, it transports us back instantly to holidays in the sun. We usually associate the smell of sunscreen with images of ourselves lazing by the beach or pool and having fun. Another example for me is smelling cinnamon and transporting me back to the memory of eating Apple pie in America with friends”.

From the research carried out, sunscreen was a popular scent for holiday goers, with many remembering destinations such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Australia and Peru.

Geraldine continued:

“In today’s society, we are using scents such as lavender oil to fragrance our bedrooms to associate with feeling relaxed. Every time we smell lavender in our bedrooms we link that to the memory of relaxing and sleep.

“Supermarkets also use memory and smell to evoke fond memories. They waft the smell of cooked chicken through the supermarket. The smells instantly connect us with a favourite Sunday lunch with the family. We then buy the cooked chicken to relive this fond memory. The smell of a dentist waiting room or hospital can trigger memories instantly of feeling anxious and afraid even if we are just accompanying a friend/family to a dentist or hospital appointment.”

So whether you’re set to stay at home in 2020, or planning on booking a holiday for 2021, take some time to reconnect with the scents that remind you of your favourite destination!


Plastic free mission at Me-Time Therapies

Meet the Maker - Eco products by Me-Time Therapies

Plastic free mission

My Plastic free mission when creating the Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit in 2017  was to make it as ethical as possible and to help you cut down on 1-use plastic packaging.

Make your own Body Butter &Lip Balm kit

The kraft Cardboard Box:   you can reuse it  for e.g. store jewellery, hair accessories, craft accessories or Aromatherapy oils

The aluminium tins: you can reuse them when you make a new batch of Lip Balms & Body butters. You can also use them to decant sun lotion, aloe gel, after sun when going on holiday.

Bottle: the bottle is 100ml so you can reuse it for lotions to put into hand luggage/handbag to meet airport restrictions of the size of liquid bottles.

Tissue paper:  you can reuse it for wrapping presents.

Making your own skincare helps with going plastic-free

By learning to make your own natural skincare, you are cutting down on purchasing one-use plastic skincare containers and bottles.  By following the Recipe Cards and video tutorials, you will see how easy it is to make your own natural skincare in your kitchen. You can reuse the aluminium jars provided in the kit over and over again for your Body Butters and Lip Balms.

Massage Balms & Vegan Body butter

In 2018, I added to the natural skincare range and now offer

Relaxing Massage wax
Relaxing Massage Wax|Balm

Relaxing Massage Balm





Invigorating (Citrus) Massage Balm

Citrus Invigorating Massage wax
Invigorating Citrus Massage Wax|Balm


Muscle Relax Massage Balm

Muscle Relaxing Massage wax
Muscle Relax Massage Balm|Wax







Vegan Body Butter

whipped body butter vegan

I use aluminium jars for the Massage Balms and the Body butter rather than hard plastic containers or 1-use plastic skincare jars/bottles. Once the balms and body butter have been used, the aluminium containers can be washed and reused or repurposed e.g. storing seeds to sow in the garden, storing paper clips or coins.


Aromatherapy scents article in House Beautiful

Aromatherapy scents will make you feel calm and less anxious, according to science.

Here is the part of the article where I am quoted on ‘how Aromatherapy scents can affect our mood’.

Geraldine McCullagh, a registered Clinical Aromatherapist at Me-Time Therapies, commented: ‘When we breathe in a scent, it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain (limbic system) and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised. The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories.

‘People tend to like the fruity-floral aroma of bergamot, which can result in feeling relaxed and their spirits uplifted. Lavender reduces muscle tension, and is regularly used to aid sleep. Geranium helps us to feel emotionally balanced and helps to reduce anxiety caused by stress and overwork.

‘Citrus scents are associated with an uplifting mood. For example, orange is sometimes called “sunshine in a bottle”, due to making people feel joyful and positive. Frankincense can create a sense of peace, helping people have time to breathe and be still.’

Geraldine says to stop anxiety from escalating, we can ‘train’ ourselves each time we feel anxious. ‘We can breathe in a smell and start to associate that smell with making us feel calm,’ she adds.

Full article 31st March 2020 –



Article in Happiful- Mindfulness & Aromatherapy to feel calm

calm - breath meditation

How scents can help root us to the present moment and help us feel calm

I am interviewed about how I blend Aromatherapy and Mindfulness together to help me feel calm.

Here is the article – A short-cut to mindfulness

Meditation is the usual go-to mindfulness technique, and is highly recommended, but it can also be helpful to find quick ways to anchor yourself throughout the day for those moments when you can’t really drift off into a meditative state.

A tool that’s been helping me recently is so simple, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner – scent.

Why does scent help us feel calm?

The reason aromatherapy can be so powerful in helping us feel calm is because it triggers our limbic system, the part of the brain linked to emotions and memories. Speaking to Cosy Owl following their survey results, clinical aromatherapist Geraldine McCullagh expands on this.

“When we breathe in a scent such as an aromatherapy oil it triggers a reaction in the part of our brain  and sets off a reaction in our bodies such as feeling calm or energised.

“The limbic system also associates smells with emotion and memories. For example,  the smell of Lavender can trigger a memory of a summer holiday in France and associate that memory with feeling relaxed.”

Geraldine goes on to say that because of this link between scent and memory we can effectively train ourselves to associate a certain scent with feeling calm.

“The next time we are starting to feel anxious, we can smell the essential oil and our minds will associate the smell with feeling calm. It means that we can stop the anxiety from escalating.”

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with worry, find a scent you adore and breathe it in for a few long, slow breaths. Focus on the scent and being exactly where you are.

You can read the full article here – 3rd March 2020 in Mindfulness/


Glasgow Herald feature ‘Pamper yourself with these wonderful beauty products’

Glasgow Herald -amper yourself with these wonderful beauty products

The Glasgow Herald online has featured Me-Time Therapies as one of the five Scottish based skincare companies. The ‘Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm’ kit is included as a 100% natural beauty product.

The ‘Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm’ kit is a wonderful starter kit in learning to make your own 100% natural skincare. The ingredients are 100% natural so that they are kind to your skin. By making your own skincare, you are also being kind to the environment as you are cutting down on single-use plastic beauty products. This also leads to saving money.

As I stated in the Glasgow Herald feature, the kit is proving popular with:

  • Eco-conscious – they are cutting down on plastic waste by making their own natural skincare. They can also re-use the jars, bottles & box.
  • People with sensitive skin – they are making fragrance free Body Butters & Lip balms and which are also free from toxic chemicals.
  • Vegans – they are making their own Lip Balms without using Beeswax.

The Lip Balms and the Body Butters are easy to make. Recipe cards and video tutorials are included with step by step instructions. Options are also provided if you wish to fragrance your Lip Balms and Body Butters with Aromatherapy oils.

Amazon review: This little kit came with lovely ingredients and clear instructions. The body butter we made has worked really well, leaving us moisturised. It’s all natural stuff, so great for our sensitive skins and it’s eco-friendly. Best of all, now we know how to do it, we can continue to make our own toiletries and experiment with different oils etc. This part of being eco-friendly is very easy!

10% of the profits of the ‘Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit’ go towards buying more medical equipment and beds in a Medical Centre in Ghana.

This kit allows you to make their own natural Lip Balms and Body Butters in your own kitchen hence the Motto ‘Created By Me, Made By You’.

The Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit can be purchased and shipped by Amazon. The cost is £20 plus free delivery from Amazon.


East Lothian entrepreneurs

East Lothian female business owner

I was delighted to be invited by East Lothian Business Gateway to be on the panel of East Lothian entrepreneurs. At the “Talking Business” event, we shared the good and also the challenges of running your own business with the audience. Members of the audiences also got the opportunity to ask questions on our experiences as East Lothian businesses.


How East Lothian Business Gateway helped Me-Time Therapies

East Lothian Business Gateway

I am featured in the latest East Lothian Business Buzz magazine – P15/16 –

Here is the extract from the East Lothian Business Buzz magazine – “A workshop on using social media for business led an established East Lothian business in an unexpected direction – with brilliant results! By attending a Business Gateway Facebook for Business workshop in September 2016, Geraldine McCullagh of Me-Time Therapies can now look back and see that this was the first stepping stone into diversifying her established therapy business. Geraldine had wrongly assumed that Business Gateway workshops were only open to and relevant to new businesses. But attending one workshop opened her eyes and she went on to take part in further workshops on social media and marketing – all relevant to her therapy business. As well as workshops, Geraldine successfully applied for a Digital Health Check and went on to receive support to build a new website. With the confidence Geraldine gained in creating her own website, she decided to create a product – Make your own Body Butter & Lip Balm kit. With a prototype created, she attended her first Biz East Lothian Coffee Morning where she was introduced to Stephen Newlin, East Lothian Business Advisor.

Meeting at the Business Gateway office at Queen Margaret University, Stephen recommended Geraldine put in an application for Branding and Marketing Consultancy with the ERDF business support programme. This proved to be a major stepping stone into launching the Make Your Own Body Butter & Lip Balm Kit in October 2017.

The consultancy helped Geraldine create a new logo for Me-Time Therapies as well as a new design for the sleeve of the kit.

From the inception of the idea of creating the kit, Geraldine knew it belonged on Amazon and after some setbacks and frustrations, the kit was accepted by Amazon UK, two weeks before Christmas.







To her surprise, she had some sales which spurred her on. At the beginning of 2018, armed now with her new logo and beginning to understand how to sell products on Amazon Prime, Geraldine created three more handmade aromatherapy skincare products – Relaxing Massage Balm, Invigorating Massage Balm and a Vegan Body Butter. Throughout 2018, Geraldine established Me-Time Therapies products on Amazon and gained five-star reviews and repeat customers. Sales in December exceeded her expectations as all the products where popular as Christmas gifts.”

Geraldine said: “I am very grateful for all the assistance and encouragement that I’ve received from East Lothian Business Gateway. Now, having a successful product range, I feel it gives me a strong platform to continue running my own business in East Lothian. I’m also just about getting used to being called an entrepreneur’!”



Women in Business Celebration

Women business owners

I was invited by East Lothian Business Gateway to the EntreprenHER talk at Queen Margaret University on Tuesday 19th March. The event focused on ‘being women in Business today’ and the challenges that female Entrepreneurs face. Prue Leith (the Bake Off judge) was the main speaker and shared her story of being a woman in business.

Prue Leith said “If you start with an optimistic nature, it doesn’t matter if you fail. Start with an idea that you really care about – that’s what matters.” This really resonated with me as over the past 22 years, I have also worked in a similar way.

I feel very fortunate that over the past 22 years as a female in Business in Scotland, I haven’t faced setbacks or discriminations. During the talk, it mentioned that Women in Business can be held back due to their gender, family commitments and unable to raise capital. Prue also mentioned that she never borrowed money for her business to grow. I have also done the same as that means if a recession hits or the economy slows down, you aren’t struggling to pay back bank loans. Prue said that she knew many successful women in business overextended themselves financially and their business went under.

I got to ask her a question about the difficulty in ensuringWork/Life Balance and how she implements Self-care into her life. She said that she ensured that she allocated time in her diary for holidays to re-charge her batteries. I also like having short breaks and holidays to look forward as this motivates me.

She also said that she loves being in business and although 80 years old next year, she is launching 2 new businesses this year. I hope that I can maintain her enthusiasm and her energy as I allow my business to grow and flourish.


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Me-Time Therapy Newsletter


Joanne Thompson
I’ve tried the new Comforting Massage balm for over a month now and it’s certainly easing my aches and pains. Took a few days to start seeing a difference but my osteoarthritis in my hands isn’t as painful and neither is my lower back. Think I’m just going to put it on my knees now too. It’s great that it doesn’t smell either so people don’t ask you if you are using deep heat as soon as you walk through the door. Worth the investment.
I’ve tried Me-Time Therapies balms before and love the products so I was excited to try the new comforting balm. I was not disappointed. I’ve suffered from knee pain and joint pain in my hands for some time now but since using the comforting balm, my pain has considerably improved. I have found the results to be quite amazing and it feels lovely in your skin which is an added bonus. I’m closely keeping my eyes open for any new product from this company!
Elspeth Walker
Me-time therapy balms are incredible. There is a new balm out called Comforting Balm. It’s a miracle balm. It soothes all types of pain and especially arthritis complaints. As a therapist (25yrs) my hands get very sore. Not now! Thank you Me-Time Therapies
Niamh Clancy
I purchased the self-care kit as an activity to do with my flat mates to unwind after a stressful week of lectures and studying for exams. The products were a great size and perfect for a group activity on a Friday evening ! The clay face masks were so relaxing and the hand reflexology videos were so informative and de-stressing, to accompany the beautifully smelling body butter. The pamper evening finished off with a lovely refreshing mist of orange blossom water. The kit was a great purchase and there is plenty left over to do another pamper night ! Perfect for a well needed self care night.
Grace Budge
I love this balm, the scent provides an ambience conducive to relaxing.and it has a silky non greasy texture that leave my feet nourished and the skin is smooth and soft.
jacqueline McGrath
I have been looking for a product that will help with rosacea and discovered this product- I could feel the face clay working it’s magic and can see and feel the difference in my skins condition. Added benefit was the vegan body butter. This is really good on dry skin- especially around heels…. The packaging is lovely- and really good instructions. I thoroughly enjoyed the hand reflexology and learned a lot from that. The blossom face spray has a lovely scent. I also thought the cloth that was included was a very high quality product . So overall- I am very impressed with the quality of product and packaging and am looking forward to trying out more products from this range.
Lisa McCormick
I have been using the relaxing massage balm for use during Indian head massage on my clients and they all comment on how nice it smells, I love how well it goes on and would definitely recommend it for this use. It’s also great for control on how much you use
Judith Dunn
I really appreciate the Muscle Relaxing Massage Balm. I’ve been using it for a few months now whilst recovering from some serious injuries caused by an accident. The feel of rubbing it in is so therapeutic, and with its gorgeous texture and aroma it is lovely to use, hugely soothing and calming. I am certain this product has been key to getting my body working again, so thank you Geraldine for your wonderful product.
Vijay Chumber
Brilliant products used in my clinic, ethical, natural and super smooth on the skin. The scent is lush and leaves an everlasting impression. Great value all round with service, quality and sustainability in mind. Excellent overall! Craven Physio Clinic
Fiona Robertson
I bought four Me-Time Self-Care Kits recently as gifts for friends - two who were under a great deal of stress with work and family issues, one who is under-going treatment for cancer and one who is struggling through a difficult menopause. Apart from the products, which are entirely natural and smell wonderful, my main motivation for buying these was the very original link to the reflexology and meditation videos. I have never seen this with any other gift product and, given their individual circumstances, I knew that my friends would appreciate them - and they certainly did! One friend was keen to try meditation, but had no idea how to start and this was the ideal introduction. The others said that it was a wonderful boost to morale in difficult times and, combined with the lovely products, was the perfect excuse to carve out some essential, therapeutic me-time. This little kit is very aptly named and is a very thoughtful gift for anyone in need of some time to themselves and a spot of mindful pampering. I'll definitely be buying more in future - including one for myself!





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