Massage Balms v Massage oils

Massage balm

Why you should use Massage Balms instead of Massage oils for therapy?

Massage balms and oils are similar in that they are oil-based therefore they provide good glide in massage treatments and are nourishing to the skin. So why might Massage balms be better than Massage oils?

Advantages of using Massage balms

  • They are less messy

Unlike massage oil which is liquid and can spill easily; a Massage balm|wax is solid at room temperature but melts quickly into the skin. You don’t need to worry about a massage balm leaking in your bag or being knocked over and spilling on the floor. This also means fewer stains on towels. Although it is solid at room temperature, massage waxes warm up quickly, making them very easy to use.

  • They last longer

The viscosity of Massage balms makes it much easier for you to control how much balm you take. You can use them sparingly and easily take more when needed. A little goes a long way meaning one tin will last you a long time. On the other hand, massage oils can spill easily, wasting some of the carrier oil. You may also take too much massage oil, which then needs to be thrown away and is money wasted.

  • They provide more grip

Massage balms|waxes are made with beeswax meaning they have better friction in comparison to massage oils. Because the wax|balm is thicker than oil there is less slip and more grip. This means that Massage and Physiotherapy treatments can be controlled and the therapist can do deeper manipulation of the deep tissue and fascia. This is perfect for a variety of massages including Sports massage, Physiotherapy, and also Deep Tissue massage.

They also have the perfect consistency to use in Reflexology, Indian head massage, and Thai Foot Massage treatments.

  • Their packaging may be better for the environment

Massage balm|wax is solid at room temperature so it can be packaged in recyclable packaging such as tins. As they don’t require a pump or a plastic cap they also often need less packaging overall than oils.

Me Time Massage Balms are in aluminum tins that can be reused or recycled so therefore kinder to the environment.

Me-Time Massage|Reflexology Balms

You have a choice of 3 different Massage Balms|Waxes made by Me-Time Therapies

Relaxing Massage|Reflexology Balm

Muscle Relax Massage|Reflexology Balm

Invigorating Massage|Reflexology Balm

Me Time Massage balms
Me Time Massage Balms


If you are looking for the glide and nourishment of oil but want a little more grip, massage balms might be the perfect alternative for you.